Directorate of Higher Education

The Directorate of Higher Education is an attached office of Higher Education Archives & Libraries Department, responsible for the administration of the public sector Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The Directorate of Higher Education was established in 1979 for the purpose.

The office is headed by Director Higher Education which looks after the overall affairs relating to Management and administration of public sector Colleges across the Province and the teaching and non teaching staff working therein. Having no regional offices, a 3-tier management system has been introduced, for effective policy-making and close co-ordination between the Colleges and Directorate, consisting of :-

  • College Council.
  • Joint Management Council.
  • Provincial Management Council.
  1. Administrative/Management Achievement.

The strength of the Colleges has been increased from 30 Colleges (1979) to 205 Colleges (2017) for both Male and Female, mainly extending the facility to rural areas. The number of faculty/ ministerial staff has been increased accordingly for smooth functioning of the Colleges. 600 new faculty posts are created within the last 03 years. Digital Librariries and Laboratories are being established in these Colleges.

  1. Academic Achievements

These Colleges cater for quality education of the students both Male and Female across the province and has been contributing major share in increasing the literacy rate in higher education. The quality education as per vision of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is imparted at different levels of study from Intermediate to Master levels with excellent result output at both the BISEs level and the University level.
The successful launching of BS 4-year Degree Programme as per vision of the Provincial Government at public sector Colleges across the province at a nominal fee has been widely recognized achievement both among the public and higher authorities. The dream of youth (Male & Female) has been materialized for quality higher education at their door step for facing future challenges.
The introduction of scholarships for the faculty development has been a major achievement. Similarly, talent-based merit scholarships and financial assistance to disserving students has been introduced for the encouragement of the students to continue their education with passion.

Future plan

The main target of this office has been imparting the quality Higher Education to the youth of the Province both Male & Female, thereby contributing to the overall literacy rate and equipping the youth with quality education to meet the future challenges as per vision of the Higher Education Department and the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For the subject purpose various target have been set to be achieved

  • Further establishment of Colleges (Male & Female) with state-of- the art facilities across the Province especially for the facilitation of rural youth.
  • Creation of new posts for both faculty and non faculty cadres.

Introduction of further scholarships for faculty development and students.

  • The overall smooth management of these Colleges.
  • Strengthening of BS 4-year Degree Programme.
Contact details:-
    • Director Higher Education KP Peshawar -091-9211025.
    • Additional Director Higher Education KP Peshawar-091-9211803.
    • Deputy Director Higher Education KP Peshawar-091-9210242.
    • Deputy Director(P&D) Higher Education KP Peshawar-091-9210217.
    • Deputy Director (Female) Higher Education KP Peshawar-091-9213009.
    • Director Higher Education KP Peshawar Fax No.091-9210215.
Orgonagram:- Directorate Orgonagram