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Higher Education Archives & Libraries


The Department of Education has been reorganized into two separate Departments w.e.f. July 2001, i.e.Elementary & Secondary Education and Higher Education, Archives and Libraries. Presently the following Directorates are under the administrative control of the Department:

  • Directorate of Higher Education
  • Directorate of Archives & Libraries
  • Directorate of Commerce and Management

Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department established to provide affordable quality education which emphasis on transferring skills and ensuring conducive learning environment with a view to develop knowledge based economy. The Department constantly endeavors to promote higher education and to ensure increase intake by upgrading learning facilities and standards through introduction of market oriented courses, expansion of facilities/infrastructure, provision of better trained teaching staff/faculty and managers. In achieving these goals, the department employees 5531 teaching staff at 189 colleges catering to 164,886 enrolled students (106,198 male and 58775 female).
In 2015/16, out of total number of degree colleges 75 are female colleges. Out of 20 postgraduate colleges, 5 are female colleges. Enrollment of female students stands at 37 percent in degree colleges. Functioning through Directorate of Higher Education and Directorate of Archives and Libraries, the department is also supported by seven autonomous/semi-autonomous bodies place under HED.


  • College & University Education.
  • Formulation of policies relating to Higher Education.
  • Improvement of Quality/Standard of Higher Education.
  • Regulation, Registration and Supervision of Private Higher Education Institutions/ Universities
    in the Private Sector.
  • Preparation of draft Acts/Ordinances as per need for the approval of Provincial Assembly/Chief
    Executive of the Province.
  • Financial Management (Recurring/non-recurring Budget) and Auditing of the Provincial Level releases
    to Higher Education Department.
  • Processing of Pension, GP Fund and Promotion Cases.
  • Processing of Development Projects.
  • Monitoring and review of Annual Developmental Plan
  • Coordination with the Federal Government, other Provincial Departments and concerned Directorates.
  • Inter Provincial admissions on reciprocal basis.
  • Performance evaluation reports of Provincial level Officers of Higher Education Archives and Libraries Department.
  • Processing disciplinary cases/inquiries.
  • Posting/Transfers of Officers of Provincial Cadre (B-17 and above).
  • Processing the cases of short and long-term foreign visits/training and award of Scholarships for approval of the competent forum.
  • Attending to the Provincial/National Assemblies and Senate business.
  • Dealing with the matters of autonomous bodies.
  • Prime Minister, President, Chief Minister’s and Governor’s Directives.
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During 2012/13, Department of Higher Education achieved several milestones. Sixteen new government colleges (05 Male and 11 Female) have been completed while the building of 50 colleges is under construction. From 96 colleges in 2001/2002, the department now plumes itself with 189 colleges in 2015/16; enrollment increased from 65721 in 2001/02 to 164,886 students in 2015/16 while college teachers employed, increased from 1667 to 2001/02 to 5531 in 2015/16. Total postgraduate enrollment during 2015/16 stood at 64,975 students 39,783 male and 24,992 female.

HED has constructed staff/student hostels, PG, Science, IT blocks, Admin blocks, examination halls, additional classrooms, bus garages, libraries blocks, boundary walls and Day care Centers at 44 colleges in 2015/16. Special and major repair work in 102 Govt: Colleges will be completed by June 2016. An amount of Rs.30 million was allocated for purchase of Furniture, Sport gears, Machinery and Equipment for all Govt: Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Apart from quantitative additions to the teaching facilities and staff, another significant achievement of HED relates to capacity building of the teachers to improve the quality of teaching. Since its inception in 2003/04, in-service training of teaching staff has now developed on firm foundations with total allocation of Rs.25 million for in-service and pre-service training in 2012/13, in which 1303 male and 1034 female staff were trained. An allocation of Rs.100 million is provided for faculty support development program.

Project Management Unit for reorganization of higher Education has been established. 1278 departments of BS-4 year”s programme have been started in 54 Govt: Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 4591 male and 930 female students enrolled.
Construction work on public libraries in Kohat, Lakki Marwat and Chitral has been started and will be completed by June 2014. Major repair of 06 existing public libraries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is under process. Boundary wall of the Greater Bacha Khan Cmapus, Mardan has been completed. Construction work is under process on campus of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. Bacha Khan University at Charsadda has been established. Sub Campus of Universities at Haripur, Swabi have been upgraded to full fledged Universities for which financial support has been provided by Provincial Govt: Khushal Khan University has been established in District Karak.
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  1. Difficulty in retaining teachers in remote/hard areas.
  2. Ensuring the effective participation of teachers in training
  3. Inadequate residential facilities for the teaching staff
  4. To disseminate demand driven higher education by introduction of market oriented courses at colleges.
  5. Political interference in the affairs of the department (at all levels)
  6. Creeping fundamentalists ideology
  7. Decreasing/no support for higher education especially women education in some parts/communities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  8. Poor security and widespread militancy in most parts of the province
  9. Weak governance
  10. Meeting quality assurance standards for a such a large scale program with existing human and financial resources
  11. Low quality Enrollment
  12. Poor Public image of Colleges and Universities

Priorities and Future Plan(s)

For the development of Higher Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa an amount of Rs.5000 million has been earmarked for the upcoming financial year 2015-16 which will be utilized on the completion of following activities/schemes:-

  • Teachers engagement for BS-4 year degree program
  • Provision of missing facilities in Colleges
  • Construction of buildings for Colleges established on Non-Developmental basis in rented/hired buildings and major repair of existing colleges
  • Purchase of furniture and lab gears of Colleges
  • Development of Archives and Libraries and major repair of existing public libraries.