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Planning Cell


Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has since long been making efforts for horizontal and vertical expansion and improvement of educational facilities in the nook and corner of the Province. To strengthen the planning capacity of the Department at Secretariat level, the Planning Cell was established in July 1974 as a result of re-organization of Education Department to cater to the emerging situation at that time. The main purpose of its creation was to cope with the ever increasing volume of work pertaining to the formulation, implementation and evaluation of Developmental schemes, reflected in the Annual Development Programs from time to time. The Planning Cell in Higher Education Department in its present form is the outcome of the bifurcation of Education Department into two separate departments of Elementary & Secondary Education & Higher Education Department in July, 2001.



  1. Preparation of Annual Development Programme.
  2.  Initiation for establishment of new Govt. Colleges.
  3.  Initiation of establishment of Govt. Colleges of Commerce & Management Sciences.
  4.  Initiation of establishment of Public Sector Libraries in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  5.  Preparation of Feasibility Reports for the afore mentioned Higher Education Institutes.
  6.  Preparation of PC I, PC II, PC III, PC IV, PC V, Proformas for projects/schemes.
  7. Site Selection and acquisition of land for Educational Institutes.
  8. Repairs, rehabilitation and maintenance of Higher Education Institutes.
  9. Progress reporting on the directives of Governor, PM, CM, President etc
  10. Inspection, monitoring and progress review of the ADP Schemes.

Any other special assignment, donor’s coordination and reforms initiative.


Contact Details:

Chief Planning Officer 091-922291
Deputy Chief Planning Officer 091-922291
Senior Planning Officer 091-9214089
Statistical Officer 091-9214089
Planning Officer-I 091-9214089
Planning Officer-II 091-9214089




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