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Inauguration of a Central Library In Women University Mardan

Women University Mardan (WUM) reached a significant milestone on June 15, 2023, with the inauguration of a central library, a daycare lab, and the distribution of scholarships to deserving students. The library, established at the construction site, will provide a wealth of academic resources to students and faculty, fostering an environment of enhanced learning and research. The daycare lab, situated at the Bakhshali campus, aims to support students and staff by offering childcare services, allowing them to focus on their educational and professional pursuits. Furthermore, WUM demonstrated its commitment to empowering students by awarding scholarships to those who exhibited outstanding academic excellence. This financial support will encourage and enable deserving students to continue their educational journey with enthusiasm and determination. The events were attended by a diverse audience, including students, faculty, staff, and esteemed guests, signifying the significance of these developments for WUM's progress.

During the inauguration ceremonie, Honourable Secretary Higher Education Dr. Aneela Mehfooz Durrani highlighted the pivotal role of women in society, emphasizing their equal capabilities to men and referencing Napoleon's quote, "Give me educated women, and I will give you a great nation." Secretary Higher Education emphasized that women are fundamental to building a positive society and shaping character development. Additionally, she underscored the importance of education as a vital tool for empowerment and as a decisive factor in advancing the role of women in society. By investing in women's education, WUM aims to create a more inclusive and prosperous future for all, recognizing their pivotal role as the foundation of both homes and strong communities.

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