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Appointment of Vice Chancellors of different Public Sector Universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Notification regarding Instructions and Closure of Institutions of Peshawar 2021.
SOP,s Regarding Reopening of Education Institute.


The Department of Education has been reorganized into two separate Departments w.e.f. July 2001, i.e.Elementary & Secondary Education and Higher Education, Archives and Libraries. Presently the following Directorates are under the administrative control of the Department:

  • Directorate of Higher Education
  • Directorate of Archives & Libraries
  • Directorate of Commerce and Management

Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department established to provide affordable quality education which emphasis on transferring skills and ensuring conducive learning environment with a view to develop knowledge based economy. The Department constantly endeavors to promote higher education and to ensure increase intake by upgrading learning facilities and standards through introduction of market oriented courses, expansion of facilities/infrastructure, provision of better trained teaching staff/faculty and managers. In achieving these goals, the department employees 7118 teaching staff at 310 colleges catering to 258,400 enrolled students (154,373 male and 104,027 female).
In 2021-22, out of total number of degree colleges 130 are female colleges. Enrollment of female students stands at 41 percent in degree colleges. Functioning through Directorate of Higher Education and Directorate of Archives and Libraries, the department is also supported by seven autonomous/semi-autonomous bodies place under HED.



  • College & University Education.
  • Formulation of policies relating to Higher Education.
  • Improvement of Quality/Standard of Higher Education.
  • Regulation, Registration and Supervision of Private Higher Education Institutions/ Universities
    in the Private Sector.
  • Preparation of draft Acts/Ordinances as per need for the approval of Provincial Assembly/Chief
    Executive of the Province.
  • Financial Management (Recurring/non-recurring Budget) and Auditing of the Provincial Level releases
    to Higher Education Department.
  • Processing of Pension, GP Fund and Promotion Cases.
  • Processing of Development Projects.
  • Monitoring and review of Annual Developmental Plan
  • Coordination with the Federal Government, other Provincial Departments and concerned Directorates.
  • Inter Provincial admissions on reciprocal basis.
  • Performance evaluation reports of Provincial level Officers of Higher Education Archives and Libraries Department.
  • Processing disciplinary cases/inquiries.
  • Posting/Transfers of Officers of Provincial Cadre (B-17 and above).
  • Processing the cases of short and long-term foreign visits/training and award of Scholarships for approval of the competent forum.
  • Attending to the Provincial/National Assemblies and Senate business.
  • Dealing with the matters of autonomous bodies.
  • Prime Minister, President, Chief Minister’s and Governor’s Directives. 
  • Section Officer (C-I,C-II, C-III) deal with official business and Administrative affairs of Professors (BPS-20), Associate Professors(BPS-19), Assistant Professor (BPS-18) and Lecturer (BPS-17) of Government college Cadre of Higher Education Department.
  • The department also deals with the matter of the Public sector university.
  • Processing appointment of Vice Chancellor of Public Sector University
  • The Department serves as an administrative Department of Public sector University.
  • Take initiative to Established new Universities and sub Campuses.
  • Works on the complaints received against the private sector Universities.
  • The Department also deal with the establishment cases of the autonomous bodies working under the department.
  • Cases of various award including Civil Presidential awards.
  • Principal of policy of Higher Education department
  • Provincial Assembly Business.
  • Notifications of Holidays and sharing the same with all the attached formation of Higher Education Department.
  • Sharing pf information Government within and wth attached formations of the department.
  • Matters related with Accountant General Office.
  • To works as Drawing and disbursing office of the department.
  • Arrangement of Pre-PAC, PAC, DAC meetings.
  • Appropriation Accounts and Finance Accounts.
  • Financial grants to retired employees.
  • Pension contribution of employee.
  • Advance Paras of attached Departments & Public Sector Universities.
  • All the matters related to:
    • Supreme Court
    • High Court
    • Lower Cour




Higher Education Archives & libraries

During 2012/13, Department of Higher Education achieved several milestones. Sixteen new government colleges (05 Male and 11 Female) have been completed while the building of 50 colleges is under construction.

HEC Need Based Scholarships

The scholarships aim to elevate the socio-economic status of the students by enabling their chances to get the modern education and career opportunities for their brighter future.

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