General Orders

DownloadNomination of Members of Syndicate for University of Swat & Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Sheringal 22-11-2017Download
DownloadTransfer of Assistant Professors to HEART16-11-2017Download
DownloadNomination of Members of Senate, Syndicate and Academic Council for Public Sector Universities15-11-2017Download
DownloadAppointment of Deans for Islamia College Peshawar13-11-2017Download
DownloadResignation of Mr. Gulfam Nasir19-10-2017Download
DownloadRegularization of Mr. Muhammad Anwar & Mr. Ijaz Ullah 26-09-2017Download
DownloadRemoval from Service of Mr. Gohar Rehman09-08-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Nadia Daud08-08-2017Download
DownloadOne year Extension of Mr. Zain Ullah 09-08-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Ruhma Naz09-08-2017Download
DownloadPenalty of Mr. Hayat Khan Lecturer in Computer Science27-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Anila Bano02-08-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Irum Naz02-08-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Shazia Nawab28-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Yasmeen24-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Syeda Hina Safdar10-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Nayab Huma10-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Fazeelat Tabassum27-07-2017Download
DownloadExtra Ordinary Leave of Mr.Muhammad Qasim26-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Ghazala Naz21-07-2017Download
DownloadMedical Leave of Miss Salma Rehman11-07-2017Download
DownloadExtra Ordinary Leave of Miss Gulnaz Bibi18-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Berg-e-Hina18-07-2017Download
DownloadEx-Pakistan Leave of Miss Farhat Rubi17-07-2017Download
DownloadMedical Leave of Miss Laila Noor 10-07-2017Download
DownloadExtra Ordinary Leave of Miss Aisha Shaheen20-07-2017Download
DownloadStudy Leave of Mr. Syed Mehmood ul Hassan05-07-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Afshan Sarwar05-07-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Asiya Khatoon04-07-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Shafqat Ara04-07-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Haleema Hamid04-07-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Saleha Siraj Ul Haq04-07-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Ghazala Yasmeen16-07-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Kokib Imtiaz16-07-2017Download
DownloadExtra Ordinary Leave of Miss Mubashra Shahid19-06-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Nagina Gul15-06-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Sabina Farooq23-06-2017Download
DownloadMedical Leave of Miss Sumera Gul20-06-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Chand Abbas20-06-2017Download
DownloadExtra Ordinary Leave of Miss Rayedah19-06-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Mudeeba Gul12-06-2017Download
DownloadMedical Leave of Miss Baswar Sultana13-06-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Sadia Shoukat12-06-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Farzana Aziz12-06-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Razia Begum12-06-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Samreen Mir09-06-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Talat Naz09-06-2017Download
DownloadEx Pakistan Leave of Miss Nadia Razzaq05-06-2017Download
DownloadMedical Leave of Miss Shazia Khattak07-06-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Sahrish Kiyani05-06-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Hafiza Sadia Rehman01-06-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Nabila Younas01-06-2017Download
DownloadCancellation of Two Years Earned Leave of Miss Naghma Yasmin29-05-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Nabila Younas22-05-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Samina Wadood22-05-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Saiqa Khattak22-05-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Mudeeba Gul23-05-2017Download
DownloadMaternity Leave of Miss Sabrina 16-05-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Miss Baseerat Shaheen12-05-2017Download
DownloadCancellation of un-availed Portion of Extra Ordinary Leave of Miss Aisha Shaheen12-05-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Nabila Younas02-05-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Farah Naz28-04-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Shahida Naveed28-04-2017Download
DownloadNOC and Study Leave of Muhammad Tufail for abroad Phd 28-04-2017Download
DownloadLPR of Mr. Sajjad Samad25-04-2017Download
DownloadLPR of Mr. Sardar Bahadur Khan24-04-2017Download
DownloadLPR of Mr. Saima Gul21-04-2017Download
DownloadMedical Leave of Maimoona Khan20-04-2017Download
DownloadEarned Leave of Sheema Bibi19-04-2017Download
DownloadAdditional Posts in Govt. Colleges (KP)01.07.2015Download