Achievements of Higher Education Department KP

Higher Education Department department of KPk has now become the first in Pakistan to have started Performance Grant to colleges and universities in 2017 , first time all online admission in colleges for 200000 applications, first time teacher training made mandatorty for promotion for college teachers, first time principal training In leadership in LUMS, 16 universities VC selection on merit, new design of college buildings, impementation of reforms under new University Act 2016 , and now forming of provincial HE authority., first province to have 100 colleges with BS programme, 35000 BS students, first province with 45 colleges having virtual libraries of HEC, and establishment of 10 universities and 50 colleges have taken place in last 4 years. Scholarships of Rs 500 m given while endowment of Rs2 billion for scholarships.

Latest this week is start of a Rs 100 million Faculty Development programme for college teachers which will produce 300 mphils and 100 PhDs in next two years for college faculty vastly improving college faculty alongwith Rs 100 million for college research funds. 
A similar programme for faculty development was just completed in 2017.