Higher Education Department Exchange Numbers : 091-9213501/9213502

 Designation:  Adviser to CM and Minister For Higher Education
 Name:  Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani
 Phone: 091-9210366 

Designation: Secretary 
Name: Mr. Syed Zafar Ali Shah
Phone: 091-9210337 Fax: 091-9210368

Designation: Special Secretary
Name: Mr. Manzoor Ahmad
Phone: 091-9223542

Designation: Additional Secretary
Name:  Mr. Kabir Afridi
Phone: 091-9210053

Designation: Deputy Secretary Admin
Name: Mr. Muhammad Ayaz Khan
Phone: 091-9210980/ Extension: 15

Designation: Deputy Secretary Colleges
Name: Mr. Nasir Ali
Phone:  091-9213501 / Extension: 16

Designation: Deputy Secretary University
Name: Mr. Asad Jan
Phone: 091-9214075/ Extension: 17

Designation: Chief Planning Officer
Name: Mr. Muhammad Zaman
Phone: 091-9211191

 Designation:  Deputy CPO
 Name: Nisar Ullah
 Phone: 091-9211344 

Designation: Project Director (HEMIS-CELL)
Name: Mr. Jehangir Khan
Phone: 091-2614228

Designation: Assistant Director (HEMIS-CELL)
Name: Mr. Nisar Muhammad
Phone: 091-2614227

Designation: Section Officer (G)
Name: Mr. Yaseen Khan
Phone: 091-9211672, Extension: 18

 Designation:  Section Officer (B & A)
 Name:  Mr. Aziz Muhammad
 Phone:  091-9210980 / Extension: 28

Allied Institutes

Designation: Director Higher Education
Name: Mr. Subhan Ullah Shah
Phone: 091-9211025 , 091-9210215

Designation: Director Directorate of Archives &Libraries
Name: Mr. Zahir Ullah Khan
Phone: 091-9210100

Designation: Director General Directorate of Commerce and Management
Name:  Mr. Muhammad Nadeem
Phone: 091-9331027

Designation: Director Higher Education Academy of Research and Training (HEART)
Name:  Mr. Munawar Khan
Phone: 091-5863654

Designation: Director Project Managment Unit (PMU)
Name:  Mr. Ain Ullah
Phone: 091-2614295, 091-2614293

Designation: Chairman Higher Education Regulatory Authority (HERA)
Name:  Mr. Asmat Ullah
Phone: 091-9222433, 091-9222429, 091-9222430

Designation: Executive Director Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency(ETEA)
Name:  Mr. Israr Ullah 
Phone: 091-9217846/96

Designation: MD Frontier Education Foundation(FEF)
Name: Mr. Faisal Ibrahim
Phone: 091-9217848/49

Designation: MD Employees Education Foundation(EEF)
Name: Mr. Shakeel Ahmad
Phone: 091-2614253